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There’s no magic behind it- getting dressed is tied to our mental health and routines that are essential to our well-being. According to a Huffington Post article “Some people may have an easier time being productive if they recreate the cues associated with their productivity. If they’re getting dressed, that puts them in the mindset to work or study.”

I personally don’t need many excuses to keep one of my favorite routines of the day, getting dressed. Midi dresses have been having their moment for some time now, and it’s not a huge mystery why. Delivering at home comfort and more suitable for Zoom meetings than your sweats, midi dresses make me feel more ready for my day ahead. Plus, I will definitely need them for the glorious day when we can put this pandemic behind us. Once you unlock their versatility, you will be delighted by how midi dresses are such a treat-something for today, and something for later.