One Thing That Never Leaves My Front Door

What is the age you can’t swing a hooded sweatshirt anymore? When you graduate from college, do you also graduate the beloved daily piece that followed you from dorm room to the classroom, then to the library, and back?

When I started interviewing for jobs for the first time, I remember the first thing I did after printing off a freshly minted resume, was to purchase a blazer. I don’t think it was until I was well into my 20s that I realized blazers don’t always have to go with a coordinating work trouser. And I think I had to pass my mid-30’s before I officially graduated from sweatshirt to blazer. I find myself layering in blazers more often on any given casual day, than for dressier occasions. Are blazers even for dress-up any more?

Regardless, click here for some pins I found on Pinterest for some inspo.